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Established in June 1994, our company is engaged in the business of importing chemical materials. We also directly invest in the manufacturer of Chinese chemical materials, and sell products directly. ¡¡¡¡We stick to the principle of "good service, high quality materials and competitive price".


Our imported chemical materials mainly consist of following: dichloromethane,dichloroethane, spasmolytol, glycerin, DMF, resorcin, chloroepoxy propane, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, capryl alcohol ,acetyloxide, propylene glycol, hexamethylenamine, chloroform, acetone, phenol, ethylene diamine, hydrazine hydrate, carbon tetrachloride, potassium iodide, pure iodonium,chlorylene, carbon bichloride, glycol, triglycol, bisphenol A, chloroben, methyl ester ,DOP ,MDI ,PVC ,MMA ,butylene oxide ,butyl glycol ether ,butanone ,isopropanol ,acetic ether ,butyl acetate ,alcohol amine series: anone ,epoxy soybean oil ,normal butyl alcohol,pentaerythrite ,dimethylethanolamine ,dimethyl acetamide ,caprolactam ,TDI ,IBK epon series: titanium dioxide ,boracic acid ,morpholine ,acrylic amide ,pyridine ,formic acid ,butylamine series, propylamine series: isopropyl amine series ,monoethyl amine ,diacetone alcohol ,paraformaldehyde ,dimethyl sulfoxide , propionaldehyde ,paraformaldehyde ,propionaldehyde ,isobutanol , propionaldehyde ,normal propyl alcohol ,1.4butanediol ,sulfoxide chlorid ,methyl acetic acid and etc.


Chinese chemica materials: sulfourea dioxide, sulfourea ,castor oil ,hydroquinone ,EDTA series,glacial acetic acid ,DBP ,butylamine series ,propylamine series,isopropyl amine series ,monoethyl amine ,diethylamine ,diethylene glycol ,diacetone alcohol and etc